I live and grow up in the mid of Europe, the capital city of Germany, Berlin. Usually, you find me working with a client on products or me working on my products.

I lead tech projects and empower teams to deliver great software solutions. Things I do:

  • Accelerate product development by closing the gap between engineering, product & business
  • Software architecture and technical advisory: from API design and microservices to big-data pipelines with machine learning - and monoliths
  • Hands-on engineering and tech leadership experience from small startups to big players

I focus on designing simple solutions which solve the real challenges of the business. I value people over processes. My goal is to foster a fearless culture that leads to highly motivated teams and outstanding business results.

After a decade in Berlin’s tech industry, I decided to start my own IT consultancy business in 2019. Since then, I helped my clients to:

  • level up their engineers, engineering managers, and product managers with mentoring, coaching, and hands-on support
  • introduce engineering principles and lateral tech leadership
  • rethink their architecture and deliver solutions in a few months for problems they worked a year on without results
  • introduce customer-centric product development processes by adding product analytics and techniques to leverage the insights
  • improve their big data pipelines by magnitudes: from batch to streaming
  • hire the top-class director and head of engineering leaders to fuel further growth and reach their objectives

The world is no zero-sum game. Creating value for others in all sorts of dimensions is what drives me. This value can be provided by:

  • creating new products
  • growing existing products
  • supporting a team in solving complex problems
  • stabilizing a team with senior tech leadership
  • helping someone to answer puzzling questions
  • sharing learnings and experiences

Since I can think of it, I program and create stuff on my computer. Ok, to be honest with you: since I am 14. I self-taught Visual Basic programming on my Windows XP machine; Turbo Pascal and Java followed. The latter stuck. Today I am a proficient JVM developer: Java, Scala, Groovy, or Kotlin. I also picked up JavaScript and TypeScript for web development and Python for data science-related programming in the last few years. This variety of technologies enables me to create products end-2-end with the user in mind and solve problems full-stack.

Some buzzwords I am also passionate about:

  • bootstrapping, indie hacking
  • investing, stocks, crypto, and all sorts of assets
  • data, analytics
  • space, astronomy, modern physics
  • artificial intelligence, artificial life
  • football (or soccer)
  • chess

It looks like I am pretty nerdy and geeky. But I also enjoy socializing at a BBQ with work colleagues or friends.

If you want to chat about tech, business, product, or some challenges you face, I am happy to connect. Please reach out to me: