Greetings from Berlin! I’m Felix Müller, a technologist, wannabe historian, and explorer at heart. I invite you to connect with me, whether to share insights, enjoy a virtual coffee, or discuss the latest in technology, science and art. Reach out via email, join me on Mastodon, connect professionally on LinkedIn, or follow me on Twitter.

My world (literally, this website) is a rich mosaic, blending my interests in technology with timeless pursuits like history and art. Here, you’ll embark on a journey through the realms of complex systems in technology and history, dive into the philosophical underpinnings that guide my ethical compass, and wander through the narratives of my global travels and cultural immersions.

The Power of Personal Space in the Digital World

In this age, where social media platforms dominate, controlling your content is increasingly vital. My personal website is a fortress in the face of these platforms’ ephemeral and often unstable nature. It’s more than just a distribution channel; it’s a sanctuary that doubles as a library and an archive over time. This site acts as a comprehensive almanac of my life. It’s a sometimes thoughtfully, sometimes less so curated collection of my thoughts, experiences, and lessons learned. It’s a space where I can document my journey, catalog my interests, and share my perspectives while being free from the limitations and fleetingness of social media and media networks or platforms.

A Journey of Learning and Exploration

My quest for knowledge is a deeply ingrained part of my life. Each journey I undertake merges the past with the present, helping me understand how historical events have shaped our modern world. I don’t just travel for sightseeing; I immerse myself in the local history, art, and customs. From walking through the ruins of Ancient Rome to exploring medieval European castles and engaging with different cultures, every experience enriches my understanding. I pay attention to the grand narratives of history and the subtle details of daily life across cultures.

My intrinsic goal is to understand the world around me deeply. This understanding comes from traveling and experiencing different countries and cultures firsthand. By delving into diverse environments and traditions, I gain insights that transcend the pages of history books, providing a richer, more nuanced perspective of the global tapestry that shapes our existence.

The Lens of Exploration: My Photography

Photography is a vital tool for storytelling and preservation in my life. My galleries showcase the vibrant tapestry of cultures and intricate details of European art, offering a unique perspective on the diverse beauty of our world. My photography is not just a record of where I’ve been; it’s a narrative of what I’ve learned and experienced.

Professional Pursuits

As a full-stack developer in Berlin’s tech scene, I have honed my expertise in distributed systems, primarily using Java and C#. My work focuses on creating robust solutions for complex business challenges, which include optimizing data pipelines and integrating machine learning components.

Since joining Stack Overflow in 2022 as a senior software developer, I have been driving AI-supported features - developing Stack’s IDE plugins recently. This role allows me to leverage large language models (LLMs), enhancing user experience in new ways and pushing the boundaries of software development.

In 2019, I founded an IT consultancy, mentoring teams and guiding businesses in tech leadership and engineering principles. I emphasized fostering a culture of motivation and engineering excellence, leading to impactful and efficient tech solutions.

I am keenly interested in exploring technologies and programming languages like Go, C++, and LLMs. Additionally, I enjoy experimenting with game engines like Godot, which adds a unique dimension to my technical skills and creative thinking. I love designing and implementing simulations with Godot.

I am deeply committed to projects that challenge the status quo and deliver substantial value, whether it’s through developing innovative products or solving complex technical problems. My goal is to make a significant impact in the tech world.

Beyond Code: Interests and Philosophy

My fascination with philosophy, religion, and particularly Christianity profoundly influences my ethical outlook, especially in the realm of technology. I delve into philosophical and religious texts, drawing wisdom applicable to today’s tech-dominated world. This philosophical foundation is a moral guide in my AI and software development endeavors.

Furthermore, my interest extends to artificial life and ecosystems, showcasing the delicate balance and interplay within systems, a prevalent theme in nature and technology. I’m better equipped to devise sustainable and ethical technological solutions by understanding these complex systems.

This passion for complexity extends beyond my professional scope. I use systems thinking as a tool to analyze various aspects of life, from historical events to art, seeing the world through a lens that wants to reveal underlying patterns and connections. This perspective enriches both my personal and professional experiences, allowing a deeper appreciation of the interconnectedness in different domains.

Let’s connect and enrich our understanding together!